About Us

Few Words About Our Company


SG Solutions is a brand that strengthens the core of B2B operations with world-class mailing list and marketing services.With numerous milestones to our credit, we continue to serve marketers with segmented mailing lists empowering not only sales and ROI but also giving businesses the impetus to grow. Our email list repository isn’t bite-sized. With 50+ million actionable databases we are giving the others a run for their money.


Why? Because it makes sense to pay for only what you need.  Whether it is Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Travel, Hospitality, IT, Automotive or Mortgage Industry, we offer custom mailing list just for you. Our world-class data center has the right technology stack with broad functionality to aggregate and verify the data captured from the real world. Every contact information is filtered to remove invalid and outdated information.


No, that’s not all of it. SG Solutions is also the provider of marketing and campaign solutions. With an in-house team of expert campaign marketers, we steer your multi channel promotions towards demand driven markets to attract more eyeballs. This way, you can count on us wholly to multiply the response at a quick turnaround. At the heart of our data center, we work hard to collect valid data that is verified at the source and by our data verification engine.


We are advocates of cost-effective technology that meshes with the marketing plan to produce best of sales relationship. With comparatively little financial outlay, you can experience the power of customized marketing intelligence by partnering with us. It is our mission to serve marketable data that enriches and makes your sales pipeline a conveyor of warm leads.

Our Solutions: –


Email Marketing

Demand Generation

List Management Services

Data Appending Services

Data Cleansing Services 



Email Marketing:-


  Email marketing is nothing but using email for marketing purposes. Every email dispatched to a potential or current customer could be regarded as email marketing. It typically involves utilizing emails to dispatch ads, to offer business opportunities, request sales or donations and has the goal to ramp up loyalty, trust and brand awareness. Using the company’s quality deliverable including white papers, webinars, product trials and other we generate quality leads. e Newsletters are one of the tools employed by us for lead generation.


Demand Generation: –


  Demand generation is the range of digital strategies as well as tactics that are used to produce qualified sales opportunities. Demand generation programs can help assist companies attract new customers, get a foothold in new markets, advocate new products, create consumer buzz, generate press coverage and re-engage the patrons.


List Management Services: –


  List management helps in ensuring availability of comprehensive and up to date business contact information. This is a continuous process that helps in maximizing targeting best as well as high value customers.


 SG solutions provides clean, effective marketing database. Our focus is on data quality, relevancy and accuracy. With a team of experienced marketing data specialists, SG solutions segments your business lists into niche segments, enabling targeted communication.


Our Marketing data will have fields like:-


 Company Name


 Contact Name


 Email Address

 Physical Address


 Sic Code

 Employee Size and more



Data Appending Services: –


  Nothing in life is constant, then why would you let your database remain so ?


 With the passage of time, contact database may become obsolete. Old contacts might no longer exist or be replaced with new one. Hence, refreshing, reviewing and polishing existing database with additional fresh records will reduce the chances of your email campaign, or the sales call going to the wrong address or phone number. Leveraging Span global solutions Data Appending Services, businesses can keep their database up-to-date with the addition of new information, completing customer profiles for efficient use in business communications.


 Our Data Appending Services gives businesses an upper hand in proper utilization of their contact directory. We help organizations make relevant use of their data by giving them the opportunity to cultivate new relationships, maintain old bonds and maximize ROI on every investment.


Data Cleansing Services: –


  • What All Included in Our Data Cleansing Services?
  • Identification and removal of duplicate data
  • Revision of irrelevant, missing, invalid, corrupt or incomplete records
  • Data Auditing, cleansing, and aggregation
  • Filling in missing details like name, postal codes, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Enrich existing database with new variables
  • Data matching and correlating across many fields